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Sherlock - 90s sitcom

*sudden overwhelming desire to study French* ;)

What I really love about this thing is

a) how many people mention that Tom isn’t in Sherlock and

b) how an insane number of people mistake Freeman’s dildo for bread

Holy shit, that’s a penis. Oh my god, I’m dying.

yes hello france i’d like 90s rupert graves pls

I can’t get over the fact how hot graves was and still is

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I will bruise your lips,
and scar your knees
and love you too hard.

I will destroy you
in the most beautiful way possible.

And when I leave,
you will finally understand,
why storms are named after people.

—M.K., Katrina (via finegoodsandfinefolks)

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i love this so much, Martin is laughing in the background because Benedict overacted his line in this particular shoot


it wasn’t rehearsed like that so it caught him completely off guard


and i’m not sure who’s facial expression i love more



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Ed Sheeran

—are you real



if this doesn’t melt your heart, then i don’t know what else will

I started tearing up. don’t touch me

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